Touraine Noble-Joué


History of Touraine Noble-Joué

Noble Joué wine was famous in the Louis XI's court. In 1939, winegrowers asked for the designation area but with the Second World War, the request is forgotten.

Partially detroyed and with the urbanization, the vineyard do not exist until 1975, when winegrowers decide to revive Noble Joué vineyards.

Now, it is a success on the touraine tables.



  • Situation

Between the Indre and the Cher rivers, in the south of Tours

  • Area

30 hectares

  • Soils

Limestone soils, clay-limestone and flinty clay soils.

  • Climate

Temperate climate with oceanic influences



Annual production is about 1600 hectolitres, which represent 213 000 bottles per year.


Annual yield is 50 hl/ha, on the last five years.


Grey wine comes from 3 different grapes varieties : Pinot Meunier, for powerfull and full-bodied dimensions ; Pinot Gris for fuited and finesse dimensions and Pinot Noir for fullness and length dimensions.



The color is very pale pink, with grey or silver reflection, where comes from its name.


In the nose, you can find strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, violets and sometimes fruity candies or wildflowers notes.


In the mouth, wine is light, souple, delicate and fresh.


To serve this wine, the temperature need to be at 8°C.


Cellaring potential is not high, this grey wine must be drunk young